Why Your Warehouse Needs a Mezzanine

Why Your Warehouse Needs a Mezzanine

Why Your Warehouse Needs a Mezzanine

Mezzanines aren’t just relegated to fancy, old buildings. They are also a staple of warehouse design and act as a less-invasive approach to expanding your warehouse space.  Atlantic Handling Systems is partnered with Cogan, a leading manufacturer of mezzanines and work platforms.

With a mezzanine, you can get the most out of your warehouse for less money than it would cost to expand your warehouse. We thought we’d dive into the perks of a warehouse mezzanine just in case you needed some more convincing.

It’s a More Efficient Use of Your Space

Many times, a warehouse is only as good as its floor space. While racks can be installed and boxes can be stacked, they can only be stacked so high before they become a safety concern or a productivity nightmare as you must maneuver your forklift just right to take something from the top.

A mezzanine, on the other hand, takes useful advantage of that robust vertical space that we often leave empty in our cavernous warehouses. It gives you an entirely new level to work with, for things like offices, or even more storage space.

Warehouse Mezzanines are a Cost-Effective Means of Expanding

Renovating or expanding a warehouse can be expensive; that’s precisely why we advocate for a warehouse design that considers your future needs for expansion and scalability. Tearing down a wall and adding more warehouse space is costly and serves as a disruption to your productivity.

Why expand outward when you can expand upward? A mezzanine will add warehouse space without knocking down a wall or pausing production for a construction project. Mezzanine installation by Atlantic Handling Systems is quick, non-invasive, and leaves your warehouse unscathed.


Fewer Feet on the Floor Means More Safety

How can a mezzanine provide better safety? Think about it this way; if you have a mezzanine, then that means fewer feet on the warehouse floor, where potentially hazardous material handling equipment is moving around. If you employ a mezzanine, you can relegate administrative office workers to a less hectic part of the warehouse without cutting into your square footage. Mezzanines offer more versatility, as you can look upward rather than outward for additional space. The added benefit to this is that a large portion of your warehouse team can work high and dry and keep the warehouse floor less busy.

Are you interested in our Cogan line of warehouse mezzanines and work platforms? Reach out to Atlantic Handing today to discuss your options.

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