Tool Cribs

Tool Cribs

WireCrafters® Tool Cribs & Storage Cages

As warehousing and material handling specialists, Atlantic Handling Systems understands the value of configurable, modular, and simple technologies that assists in customizing warehouse experiences without the need for invasive construction or downtime.

Sometimes, as needs change, or as we better understand our workflow, we realize the value of partitioned spaces even if they haven’t been built into our existing warehouse design. When this happens, you could call a contractor and look at a costly renovation, or you could ask Atlantic Handling Systems about our WireCrafters® Wire Cages & Partitions.

Atlantic Handling Systems Offers Custom WireCrafters® Solutions

Introducing WireCrafters®, a modular partitioning system with configuration and ease-of-install at the forefront. The WireCrafters® system is endlessly configurable to your liking and can be done with little or no downtime in your warehouse. The WireCrafters® technology paired with Atlantic Handling Systems planning and installation is sure to find a solution for every industry.


Wall & Ceiling Panels are Modular

The beauty of WireCrafters® panels is their modular nature. This means that panels are endlessly configurable and connectable. If you can dream it, then you can probably build it. This freedom of configuration is perfect for warehouses, where space is often already tight.

Take the Guesswork Out of Equipment Inventory

Tool cribs and storage cases can completely revitalize your equipment inventory process. If you have technicians on your payroll, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the process of misplacing an essential and expensive tool, only to find it under the seat of an employee’s work truck.

With a tool crib and storage cage, you can easily see what tools are available and keep a consistent tool check-out policy. Knowing where your most essential tools give you peace of mind, a higher level of productivity, and saves you money.

There are Many Configurations Available

Not only are WireCrafters® panels modular, but they come in a variety of useful materials. Some of their most popular materials are woven wire panels, welded wire panels, expanded metal panels, polycarbonate panels, and sheet metal panels.

Do you want to be able to easily see which tools are available? Wove or welded metal panels offer high visibility. If what you’re looking for is privacy, then sheet metal panels offer a highly secure and concealed option.

The beauty of WireCrafters® paired with Atlantic Handling Systems’ planning and installation is that you can work with us to find the right combination and configuration to fit your exact needs. In the warehousing world, tailored solutions can be essential to productivity and even safety.

Are you interested in a modular and simple solution for your warehousing partitioning? Reach out to Atlantic Handling Systems today.

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