• Rated to withstand impact of 10,000 lb load at 4 miles per hour.
  • Quick Installation – components bolt together.
  • All assembly hardware, including floor anchors, is included with your order.
  • Two styles, single and double rail.
  • Combined rails and columns sized to layout on one foot centers.
  • Optional lift out sections, and offset column base plates available.

Install WireCrafters GuardRail in your plant to protect people, machinery, and property from accidents involving forklifts, sweepers, or other moving facility equipment.

WireCrafters GuardRail was designed and tested to withstand the impact of a 10,000 pound load moving at 4 miles per hour. WireCrafters GuardRail protective railing system helps to prevent damage to equipment or facilities by providing a strong barrier along aisle ways or in front of expensive or critical equipment. Create a safety barrier with our competitively priced guard rail system and save the expense of costly downtime repairs by preventing accidents and damage.

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GuardRail Styles & Sizes

WireCrafters GuardRail protective railing system comes in two styles; Single or Double Rail. The single guard rail columns are 17″ high, where double guard rail columns are 43″ high. All GuardRail columns are 4″ square x 1/4″ wall structural steel tubing with metal caps, and 10″ square x 1/2″ thick steel base plates. The base plates have four 7/8″ round anchor holes, and the floor anchors are provided. Custom guard rail heights are available. All GuardRail columns are powder coat painted safety yellow.

Rail Lengths

The 11 gauge formed steel rails come in standard lengths (0′-8″, 1′-8″, 2′-8″, 3′-8″, 4′-8″, 5′-8″, 6′-8″, 7′-8″, 8′-8″, and 9′-8″) to reach even foot increments center to center of each column. Custom guard rail lengths are also available. Rails mount to the columns with 1/2″ x 5″ through bolts. All rails are powder coat painted safety yellow.

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