Carton Flow

UNEX developed Span-Track, the first storage and conveyor solution that drops into existing pallet racks and maximizes the number of SKUs stored. This system makes a lot of sense.

  • Product is always at the optimal pick point – at the front of the rack, eliminating bending and reaching into the pallet rack.
  • Condensed inventory increases the number of SKUs per bay and decreases travel time between picks up to 85%.
  • Drop-in design configures to match your existing structure, providing flexibility to install anywhere in your facility.
  • Spanning between beams allows rear-loading of product and front-picking of product (FIFO), so SKU replenishment never interferes with order picking.
  • The solution can be designed to address building obstacles such as building columns and flue spaces, eliminating the need to change the layout of the rack.
  • The carton flow system can be integrated with other picking technologies to increase efficiency.
  • Capacity is no issue. Our broad range of products can handle up to 100 pounds per foot.
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