Southworth Backsaver Lite Lift Table

Southworth Backsaver Lite Lifts are available in three basic configurations: Stationary, Portable with DC power and Compact with extended vertical travel in a small footprint. Capacities are from 500 to 1,500 lbs. with travel up to 35″ depending on model. These rugged, dependable, low capacity lifts are packed with features.



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Backsaver Lite Information

-Low pressure hydraulics
-Fast raising and lowering
-Fully adjustable down speed
-Heavy-duty torque tubes to minimize deflection
-Lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings
-Full width straight through axles for increased stability throughout the travel range
-Heavy-duty wire braided hoses for maximum burst strength
-Tell-tale return hydraulic line prevents fluid spillage
-Built-in maintenance chocks
-Bolt-on power unit is neat, clean and allows for easy access to all components

Model Number Capacity (pounds) Platform Range (in)
LL1.5-35 1500 (24×48) to (36×60)
LL05.5-26 550 (20×36) to (36×60)
LL1.1-26 1100 (20×36) to (36×60)